Your Christmas Carol


This is my last blog of the year because I’m going on holiday for two weeks. I hope you’ve found my posts this year helpful. I’ve enjoyed writing them and the odd bit of feedback I get from readers lets me know that they are resonating, which is great.

I’m going to leave you with a chance to reflect on your own year and start sowing the seeds for your dream 2017. I put an offer out last week for a one to one session to do that with me, but I’ve posted the questions that I sent to the people who signed up, below, so if you’re not one of them, you can do them as well.

Some of the advantages of doing a review as I see it are:


Celebrate what’s gone well

Our minds have a built in negativity bias that keeps us focused on what needs improving or what’s going wrong. It was helpful for us evolutionarily, but it’s not great for happiness. By reflecting on what’s gone well, you can celebrate your growth and your progress. You can have a sense that things are moving in a positive direction overall. And it feels good!


Learn from your difficulties

A Big Issue Seller once said to me that you learn the most when you’re at the bottom. I think he was bang on. By looking back at your challenges over the year you can see what you learnt from those situations and put them in a wider perspective. Maybe at the time you felt you’d be in that dark hole forever, and remembering that you always come out the other side is important for when you fall in to the next one.


Have a dream come true

Captain Sensible once sang “You’ve got to have a dream. // If you don’t have a dream, // how you gonna have a dream come true?” What a sensible thing to sing! How often do you stop and give yourself permission to imagine your dream future? Where would you love to live, what work would light you up and how would you like to be feeling day to day?

It may sound obvious, but by knowing what it is you actually want, you’ve got much more chance of actually having it! For me, visualising my ideal lifestyle in a year’s time is going to help me make decisions in the shorter term, and set interim goals that will help me to get there.

Call to Action

If you would like to reflect on your year, you can use the questions in this Year Review document. I’ve also recorded a guided meditation which will take you on a journey over your past year, your present and your future. I’ve called it Your Christmas Carol.

Let me know how you get on!