The Business Case

The bad news is that in the UK stress results in 105 million lost work days per year. The good news is that increasing numbers of organisations are finding mindfulness to be an effective solution:

Transport for London

Among employees who attended their Mindfulness course, the number of days off for stress, anxiety and depression fell by 71%.


Among 1,500 employees, on a 10 point scale, participants reported:

  • a 2 point decrease in experiencing stress and feeling over-whelmed
  • a 3 point increase in happiness and wellbeing
  • a 2 point increase in creativity, the ability to focus, the quality of relationships at work and the level of engagement in meetings, and collaboration efforts

American Health Insurance Company Aetna

  • The most stressed employees (in the highest 20%) were found to have $2000 more healthcare costs per year
  • The company introduced a 12-week online, one-hour mindfulness and yoga course and put 6000¬†employees through it
  • The course resulted in higher productivity, reduced stress and reduced health care added up to about $3,000 saving per year per employee and an ROI of¬†11:1