“Great session and very relevant to the business world”

Monali Patel, Price Waterhouse Coopers


“The facilitators were very engaging and enthusiastic.”

Ahmed, Credit Suisse


“The exercises were remarkably powerful.”

Daniel, Department of Energy and Climate Change


“Extremely Useful!”

Clifford, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award


“AMAZING! Thanks for the new thoughts/techniques.”

 Maria, Teach First


I learned how to to calm myself down, to be present and to be more productive. MORE PLEASE!

Lucy, National Union of Students


“I’m able to concentrate more and focus on one thing at a time rather than juggling multiple tasks at once.”

Emma, Eviva Communications


“I spent 20 years as a journalist with newspapers and the BBC so the move into being self-employed and dealing with a number of different clients meant I had to learn a lot of new approaches quickly. I think mindfulness practices help me stay calm and centred in the middle of the flurry of demands going on. And practicing mindfulness in the workplace is a great way of breaking the business pretences and reminding ourselves that we are all human – even when we work.”

Annette, Pickled Pepper


“From early on, I have become much more aware of when I am feeling stressed, anxious or frustrated and am better able to take a step back rather than lose myself in the feeling. This has been particularly useful for work but has also been important for me in my relationships with colleagues, friends and family. I don’t succeed every time but I have definitely felt a change.

The experiences I had had in the past made meditation feel very difficult and inaccessible. Zen@Work makes meditation accessible to anyone and because the results are so immediately tangible, any skeptic would be convinced.”

Emma, Programme Coordinator, Well Grounded



“Since running mindfulness sessions at Impact Hub Islington, we’ve seen an increase in members wellbeing, excitement and productivity. Andy Hix is a fantastic facilitator – he works with mindfulness in a way that is funny, engaging, and best of all – simple to understand.”

Debbie So, Programmes & Innovation Manager of Impact Hub Islington (a co-working space and network for over 200+ social entrepreneurs in Central London)


“I have found the mindfulness sessions have benefited by mindset at work. The chance to stop and be still during my working day has helped put challenges and stresses into perspective.”

Abby Kegg, Trust Manager, The Ben Kinsella Trust