Impact at City of London for Boys:

I’ve been amazed to discover that Joseph has LOVED the mindfulness sessions at school – what a shame they are coming to an end!  Please pass our thanks on to Mr Hix too…


Impact at City of London Academy:


“Helpful and liberating”

“Made me realise I can let go of exam stress”

“I feel like I can concentrate more than before”

“I feel so much more relaxed when I do exam questions”


Observing Andy’s sessions with the children clearly demonstrates to me how essential mindfulness is to effective teaching. It is amazing to see how persistence patience, the kind that can only come with practice, can calm students behaviour.

Our sixth formers were sceptical to start with but within one session with Andy all students clearly grasped the benefits of mindfulness to them whether they were stressed, unwell, aspiring athletes or just looking to enhance their wellbeing. We have a growing body of staff enjoying the benefits of mindfulness on their stress levels and their enjoyment in the classroom. Students really like that these sessions are being offered to everyone – even their teachers! There is a growing atmosphere of a whole school community learning together. 

Hannah Mathews, Head of Wellbeing, City of London Academy, Southwark

Here’s a teacher talking on Channel 5 about the impact at their school:

Stress, anxiety and depression are unfortunately becoming increasingly common amongst young people. Many children are also finding it increasingly hard to concentrate in school because they’re are used to being constantly distracted by their phone. It affects both a students’ happiness, and their academic performance.

If these are issues in your school, then I mindfulness can help.

Research shows that mindfulness helps young people:

– to concentrate and learn;

– to manage stress and anxiety;

– to feel calmer and more fulfilled;

– to get on better with others;

– to perform well in music and sport.

We are trained Mindfulness in Schools teachers and teach the nationally-recognised Mindfulness in Schools (MiSP) curriculum  which is a ten week course for young people aged 11-18, delivered in the classroom.

We are sure that there is a real benefit to your school from the MiSP approach, and we would love to be able to help you to enjoy those benefits.   Please get in touch if you would like to see how mindfulness could benefit your school.