Dream 2017 – 28 Day Challenge

This is a 28 day programme to kickstart you towards you goal. It includes:

  • An accountability partner check in to make sure you’re making progress during the week and talk about what’s getting in the way/celebrate what success
  • A meditation challenge to give you more focus, remember what’s important and overcome procrastination
  • Practising gratitude for what you already feel a greater sense of satisfaction in your life
  • Four online group coaching sessions on Monday nights, 7 – 8pm: 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th Feb, in which we’ll help each other get unstuck and keep up the momentum and explore topics like overcoming the inner critic and procastination
  • A private Facebook group to share successes and difficulties

The investment for the group coaching programme is £95

If you’d like to upgrade the group coaching to one-to-one coaching, you will receive four one hour sessions between the groups calls to give you a further boost towards your goal and help you through any obstacles in your path.

The investment for the one-to-one coaching programme is £495


Any questions or issues with your payment contact me:


07825 953 484


“It has been tremendously useful to be able to talk to an expert who has a process for exploring and resolving things that affect happiness. I simply couldn’t have explored these ideas either on my own or with friends because they don’t have the knowledge, tools or techniques to help.”
– James Gardener, Programmer

“Even in one coaching session with Andy I felt calmer, more settled and clearer in my mind. His ability to put me at ease, his approach and mindful influence made for an environment where new thinking, an open mind and fresh ideas would appear – away from the constant chaos of everyday life.”
– Claire Brodley, PwC

“I love your approach and your grounded, warm presence. I left the session feeling very peaceful.”
– Jo Hunter, Co-founder and Director, 64 Million Artists.

“Fantastic session, Andy. It was like stepping off the never ending treadmill of thoughts or removing a blindfold. The senses come alive and everything seems slower, more gentle and yet open to new possibilities. ” 
– Samantha Cooper, Partner at ImpactHub Brixton & Islington

“Before, I found my work very stressful. Now, I feel grateful for the work that I do and I even started enjoying my commute!”
– Catherine, Teacher

“Andy is a first class coach, mindfulness practitioner and all-round positive role model. I highly recommend Andy as a coach because if he can help me to take more ownership of my life then he can help anyone!”
– Neil, Coach

“Andy is helping me transition into my ideal career as an artist. Only a short time ago, I would never have believed this was possible. Right now, I have two very important exhibitions, in both London and New York.”
– David, Artist