If you’re feeling busy, do less

You might think that if you feel like you’ve got too much to do, just getting on with it will be more effective at removing the stress or anxiety around it than sitting down with your eyes closed and meditating. Well Ghandi and I would disagree with you. Mahatma once said:
“I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”
I find that meditating actually makes me feel like I’ve got more time to get things done because I stop trying to do cram so much in, I make better decisions when choosing what actions I should take and I keep thinking of ways to make things simpler and easier.
Other ways I insert pauses into my day are:

  • Walking for half an hour a day
  • Working in bursts of forty minutes and then taking a short break
  • Getting away from my desk at lunchtime

Have you got any other things that help you slow down? Let us know and share your tips.