My work is all about love. Loving yourself, loving other people and loving the earth.

I’ve helped people get a pay rise, a promotion, the best performance review of their career, deal with depression, navigate the rough seas of divorce, overcome anxiety, dramatically reduce their insomnia, break out of a cycle of toxic relationships to find love and feel a deep sense of inner-peace.

There are an infinite number of ways you could help someone to achieve those results, but my approach in based on helping you practice a few key mindfulness-based skills:

– Bringing the wandering mind back to the present moment
– Being more aware of sensations in the body
– Accepting feelings and all aspects of yourself
– Being kind to yourself and others
– Practising gratitude for your life as it is

We practice these simple but powerful skills during one-hour sessions together, and I ask you to continue practising at home by meditating and writing down things you are grateful for every day.

Another key aspect of the work is talking about the elephant in the room – the issue you are struggling with or anxious about, with someone who is not judging you and is actively supporting you through it (that’s me!)

It’s quite amazing how almost any problem people can be greatly improved if not totally resolved with this approach.

How can that be the case? Of course you should be wary of one-size-fits-all magic cures, but if you accept the idea that 90% of suffering is not caused by other people or the outside world, it’s caused by your own mind, then it makes sense that inner work could be the key to unlocking everything.

This is quite a radical truth to accept. We love to blame others because then it’s them that has to change, and not us. But that’s also very disempowering. You can’t change other people, you can only change yourself.

I believe everyone would benefit from having a coach. I think the main reason people don’t have one is they don’t know that they do, so hopefully that’s clearer now!

So is there an issue you would like help with? Are you suffering with stress, anxiety or depression? Would you like to feel more calm, confident, and fulfilled?

You can book a free 1-2-1 trial coaching session here.

Here are some testimonials:

I have been facing serious problems with depression, which I have experienced a number of times in the past ten years. I have recently been reading up about the ways to overcome this condition, and this is how I came across Mindfulness. I was therefore really pleased to have a session with Andy to explore this technique further. During the session I felt an instant change in my mindset.

Andy showed me (in just one session!) a way of dealing with my problem from a different perspective. We explored how I could develop my “happy mind”, by changing my perceptions and the way I interpret most events in my life. It’s a very powerful tool! I felt very comfortable during the coaching and was able to talk openly and honestly about the difficulties I have been facing. Beyond being a professional and motivational mindfulness coach, Andy is also a warm and compassionate person.”

– David, Musician

“It has been tremendously useful to be able to talk to an expert who has a process for exploring and resolving things that affect happiness. I simply couldn’t have explored these ideas either on my own or with friends because they don’t have the knowledge, tools or techniques to help.”
– James Gardener, Programmer

“Even in one coaching session with Andy I felt calmer, more settled and clearer in my mind. His ability to put me at ease, his approach and mindful influence made for an environment where new thinking, an open mind and fresh ideas would appear – away from the constant chaos of everyday life.”
– Claire Brodley, PwC

“I love your approach and your grounded, warm presence. I left the session feeling very peaceful.”
– Jo Hunter, Co-founder and Director, 64 Million Artists.

“Fantastic session, Andy. It was like stepping off the never ending treadmill of thoughts or removing a blindfold. The senses come alive and everything seems slower, more gentle and yet open to new possibilities. ” 
– Samantha Cooper, Partner at ImpactHub Brixton & Islington

“Before, I found my work very stressful. Now, I feel grateful for the work that I do and I even started enjoying my commute!”
– Catherine, Teacher

“Andy is a first class coach, mindfulness practitioner and all-round positive role model. I highly recommend Andy as a coach because if he can help me to take more ownership of my life then he can help anyone!”
– Neil, Coach

“Andy is helping me transition into my ideal career as an artist. Only a short time ago, I would never have believed this was possible. Right now, I have two very important exhibitions, in both London and New York.”
– David, Artist

If you’re interested, get in touch and we’ll have a chat to see if Happiness Coaching might be right for you.