Free 30 minute coaching session

Because I want more people to experience the benefits of mindfulness, this month I’m offering 30 minute espresso sessions.

You can choose to either:

  • Learn to mentally switch off from work to de-stress
  • Calm your anxious mind to focus on what’s important
  • Silence your inner critic to feel more confident
  • Improve quality of sleep to feel energized for rest of the day
  • Learn a tool to improve focus and productivity.

There are ten slots available in my calendar this month. If you’d like to sign up, reply to this email letting me know which one you’d like to focus on:

Here are some testimonials of what can be achieved in one session:

“Even in one coaching session with Andy I felt calmer, more settled and clearer in my mind. His ability to put me at ease, his approach and mindful influence made for an environment where new thinking, an open mind and fresh ideas would appear – away from the constant chaos of everyday life.”

– Claire Brodley, PwC

“I love your approach and your grounded, warm presence. I left the session feeling very peaceful.”

– Jo Hunter, Co-founder and Director, 64 Million Artists.

“Fantastic session, Andy. It was like stepping off the never ending treadmill of thoughts or removing a blindfold. The senses come alive and everything seems slower, more gentle and yet open to new possibilities. ”

– Sam Cooper, Partner at ImpactHub Brixton & Islington

If this isn’t for you then I’m sure you know two or three people who could benefit Please forward it on!