A New Story

This week in a place called Findhorn, in Scotland there’s an event happening called the New Story Summit. What is the ‘New Story’? What is the old one?! In this video Charles Eisenstein posits that in our Western Culture we’ve been telling a story that what’s important is money, status, celebrity, looks – things that inflate our ego but ultimately leave us feeling empty. He suggests that a new story is emerging, albeit one that can be traced back to ancient wisdom, that what really fulfils us is purpose, love, kindness, compassion, laughter, feeling connected to ourselves and each other, learning… things that make us feel how inter-connected we are.

One definition of what mindfulness is, is a way to see the world more objectively. The more you practise the clearer it becomes what’s important to you, what makes you feel good and what in your life is not serving you. The challenge then becomes how do you live, work and play in a way that’s true to what’s really important in life? I’ll leave that with you to ponder…