Welcome to the zen at work website. We are a happiness consultancy that can measurably improve the performance and wellbeing of your staff in 28 days.

After our course they will be 20 – 30% more focused, creative and happier and 20 – 30% less stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by their to do list.

It’s never been harder to concentrate a work or to switch off afterwards. Stress is now the number one reason for people taking sick leave.

We believe staff need to be given tools and strategies to deal with these challenges.

But mindfulness isn’t just about feeling less stressed, it’s about realising you have a limitless capacity to develop and refine your mind and therefore improve your performance at work.

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“The exercises were remarkably powerful.”

Daniel, Department of Energy and Climate Change

“Fantastic! We should do this more often.”

Mohamed, J.P. Morgan

I learned how to to calm myself down, to be present and to be more productive. MORE PLEASE!

Lucy, National Union of Students

Stress is bad for business 

Some people say stress helps to motivate them. Pressure can be a good motivator, but after a certain point it leads to worse performance and ill-health, as this graph shows.

Pressure Response Curve

Do you know how much stress costs your business everyday?

Happiness is good for business

Organisations with happier employees tend to outperform their competitors. The share prices of the “100 Best Workplaces” in the US significantly outperformed the stock market over a 25 year period. So improving employee happiness makes great business sense.

Edmans (2011)


Our Impact

In the last one we ran, stress, anxiety and over-whelm reduced by 28-33% and creativity, happiness and focus increased by 27 – 32%.

Impact Bar Chart

“I’ve  learnt to be much more aware of what’s going on in my body so that when tension and stress start to build up I can take a step back and have a break and relax for a while rather than just keep on going and creating stress related problems in my body and mind.”

Emma, Eviva Communications.



What’s the first step?

In the first instance we offer a one hour taster session so you can experience what mindfulness is. Of the people who have come to our tasters so far, most of whom had never tried mindfulness before, 98% said in the feedback that they thought practising it would improve their performance at work.

Get in contact to book a taster.

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