My name is Andy Hix. I coach, run workshops and courses, create podcasts and write articles, that all have the aim of creating a more beautiful world. A world in which we are kinder to ourselves, we seek to understand rather than fight against people we disagree with, and we protect and regenerate the precious biodiversity of our planet.

I believe we are transitioning from a cultural mythology that philosopher Charles Eisenstein calls it the ‘Story of Separation’. In this story, we are all separate minds encased in flesh, in a world of separate competing individuals, all acting in their own economic and genetic self-interest, in a dead universe.

This story is becoming increasingly intolerable, and what is being born is what he calls the ‘New and Ancient Story of Interbeing’, which says that we are all interconnected and interdependent. My wellbeing depends on everyone else’s, as well as on mother nature. By hating someone, I’m hurting myself. By being kind to someone or caring for the natural world, the whole system benefits. The whole universe is alive and conscious.

Making sense of Trump voters

A recent video calling for us to move post polarisation and the hatred it can incite.